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Have you made a plan for your cat after you're gone?

Florida residents certainly do love their animals. If you have a dog or a cat that lives with you, you can certainly understand what it means to see your pets as real and valued members of your family. In fact, about 65 percent - or 80 million - of the households in America have a pet they take care of.

Estate planning should be part of your family planning

For far too many families, estate planning and financial arrangements for interment and funerals are something dealt with at an old age or after being diagnosed with a serious illness. This, in turn, can leave families scrambling to adjust their budget to a reduced income while simultaneously facing the expenses involved in end of life care or emergency medical services if the death was the result of an unexpected accident.

An effective estate plan doesn't start at death

When most people think of estate planning, they think of getting a plan in place for when they die. Of course, this is a major part of estate planning. If we don't want the courts to decide what should happen to our assets, then we need to have a last will and testament in place.


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